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The greatest–and most obvious–difference that the Logical One Secret offers over its predecessor is the diamond set lid that covers the entire face with the exception of its subdials. The lid and the lugs were invisibly set with 181 baguette diamonds, or a total of nearly 7 carats, all in an effort of hiding the masterful movement underneath. To get a more detailed explanation of the movement itself, check out Ariel's take on the original piece from when it debuted early last year.

Topper Fine Jewelers operates a single store in Burlingame, California. Burlingame is just south of the SFO airport and about halfway between Palo Alto and San Francisco.

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The newest Lamborghini, and one that I am seeing for the first time here at Laguna Seca is the Huracan–and boy is it gorgeous. While I love the looks of the Murcielago (and Aventador), the Gallardo never did it for me. The Huracan does it for me and so much more. It replaces the Gallardo as the brand's entry-level model (which still starts at about 0,000 and contains a V10 engine. Smaller than the Aventador, the Huracan has a distinctive look that is purely Lamborghini, and very indicative of futurism and elegance. It is probably one of the most incredible looking supercars in the world, and makes a Porsche look about as handsome as a coffee mug.

So we try to cover interesting women's watches from time to time. The types of pieces that we might like to wear if we happened to wake up one morning and find that we suddenly represented the fairer sex. This is the 2013 Lady 8 watch by Jaquet Droz. I know what you are thinking... yes, another timepieces that revolves around the "lucky number 8" which seems to do so well in Chinese cultures. Yes, it is true that "8 themed" watches do well in China, but you don't need to care much at all about the number (or what word it may sounds like) to appreciate this collection.

At the beginning of Baselworld 2014, we debuted the first look at the new for 2014 Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar watch, a new pinnacle in the long-standing T-Touch tactile high-function Swiss quartz watch collection. Tissot gave aBlogtoWatch a little hands-on time with the T-Touch Expert Solar, and given the unique features of the watch I felt it was very important to follow-up with some thoughts about the world's first T-Touch that does not require a battery change.

Another reason sellers do this is to protect certain watch distributors or authorized dealers. Most watches sold online at a discount are not done so with the blessings of the brands. Many watches sold online aren't offered by a private owner, but rather a gray market dealer. These dealers mostly get their watches directly from authorized dealers or distributors. Often because they can't sell normally.

The case itself is uniquely detailed with a cool-looking sapphire crystal that sits over the entire case acting as the bezel. Acting like a cap, the sapphire crystal allows for a very dynamic view into the dial. Even though it is curved, Girard-Perregaux ensures that it has the right amount of AR coating so it is not marred with glare and reflected light. If there is any company that understands how to properly use sapphire crystals it is GP, for sure.

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Of the three Spherotourbillons we will be looking at today, two are based on the Duometre Spherotourbillon wristwatch. In short, what Duometre stands for is the "dual-wing concept" of the movement, meaning that it uses two mainspring barrels that serve different purposes. One is meant to power the regulation system of the watch (the tourbillon in this case), and the other is meant to power the functionality of the watch. This concept helps reduce amplitude errors and is meant to make the watch more accurate over time. For more details check out our hands-on article here.

We did bring you news a little bit ago about Girard-Perregaux's recently released watch celebrating the movies, their Hollywoodland Chrono Hawk (here), which was part of the brand's focus on Hollywood. While that is obviously a very modern crossover, this new book actually delves into the history of the industries, and how we might see them overlap. For example, take a look at this image (below). This is actually a rare peek into the book that we've been given the green light to show to you, our readers. Go ahead, read through that text - it gives you a sense of what the book is all about.

New Girard-Perregaux Book Brings Watches To The Movies Book Reviews
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Late night e-mails from German-born Swiss watchmaker Thomas Prescher are always interesting. This is the man who has brought us the first triple axis-tourbillon and who really epitomizes the concept of independent watchmaker. Always inspired, the newest watch by Mr. Prescher is his most impressive and ambitious project yet. Called the Nemo Sub I, this is perhaps the most interesting new watch of 2014, and is likely to stay that way.

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Stockinger Luxury Watch Winder Cabinets & BRABUS SV12 Safe

Stockinger Luxury Watch Winder Cabinets & BRABUS SV12 Safe

The PRG270 employs the latest V3 Triple Sensor technology that not only improves the accuracy of its measurement, but also the speed at which the measurements are shown. The compass now shows a continuous reading for 60 seconds (up from 20 in previous models) and the time required to measure altitude has been shortened from five seconds to just one second and the altitude reading now boasts a resolution of one meter (down from the five in previous models). Finally, the PRG270 also sports an alarm that can signal a rapid rise or fall in barometric pressure, suggesting an imminent weather change.

With all that said, let's begin with discussing the secrets of the "Bronzo" case - something that will likely serve as one of the key elements for the new Anonimo's collections. The idea of bronze watch cases may be unfamiliar to many, and there's good reason for that. During the past couple of years cases done in carbon fiber, titanium and other space-age materials have become not only increasingly popular, but more ubiquitous too, as several high-end brands have began to incorporate such advanced materials into their collections. Bronze appears to be a deliberately ignored material that is only available from a very limited number of brands and for an even more limited number of their models, all for reasons we will shortly discuss.

To summarize, the Sinn EZM 13 is the business. It's Sinn at their best, creating a sport watch with a useable feature set and a dizzying list of protective features and intelligent designs to keep that watch doing its job for a very long time. I am not generally a chronograph fan but the 60 USD Sinn EZM 13 is a watch that could (easily) change my mind. With the EZM 13, Sinn has successfully taken their EZM 3 diver and added just enough chronograph to expand its functionality but not so much as to spoil its laser-sharp focus.

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 160: Suckin’ The Junket!

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 160: Suckin’ The Junket!

Breitling Navitimer 1461 Limited Edition Blue Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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JW: The complexity and beauty in all details of this watch. So many hands giving 25 time indications! It was, and it is still unbelievable what the watchmakers of the early 1900’s were able to do with so few machines and of course no computers!

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle 14 Day Tourbillon Watch Hands-On: Open & Closed Hands-On

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Regardless of the selected approach, he will never use computer-aided design software, but rather creates stick prototypes to help calculate the distances, dimensions and the geometry of the piece at hand. Seeing how complex, and yet how sublimely balanced the functioning of his sculptures are renders this "choice" all the more impressive.

This watch is paired to a black rubber strap, meaning it's ready for some action.  If you'd prefer something a bit more refined, then you might be interested in the bi-color variant of the Terrascope (ref. 60500-56-602-BB60) that was introduced in the collection.  Rather than the DLC black treatment, the steel case is left in it's natural color, with pink gold showing up on the outer edge of the case, as well as on the handset and indices that are spinning away over the matte black dial.  To further push this particular model into a dressier mode, it's been paired to a black alligator strap.

Given that I don't solely rely on my watch to tell the time, even though I check my watch more than my phone, I'd probably go with the Powermatic 80 over the 2824, especially because I have so many watches with 2824s in them. The other upgrades to the Seastar 1000 are also very nice when you compare the two. This has turned a decent budget Swiss dive watch to one I'd gladly wear as a beater or sports watch.