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Later Bell & Ross began to produce its own designs, but even today the professional diver and aviation style borrowed from Sinn remains. Watches from the two brands today are quite distinct, but if you love Sinn you'll probably love Bell & Ross, and vice versa. So getting back to the BR 126 Blackbird, it all focuses around a movement that honors the famous Lemania 5100 movement (no longer made today), that was in a lot of Sinn watches about 20 years ago (and of course before that as well).

Rectangular watches were often called "Tank" shaped, as a reference to a design popularized by Cartier. This Gruen Tank-style watch is another lovely angular art deco era design that show an emphasis of bold yet original hour indicators and hands. Such hands and hour indicators were painted with luminant for darkness viewing, which was a much newer feature then than it is today. Gruen is known for having made some of the most iconic art deco style timepieces of the time. [Image credit: Matthew Bain Inc.]

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So, being familiar with the historical background, what can we expect from this in-house bred, classically elegant watch? Considering the price range, it is aimed at those about to enter the world of higher-end mechanical timepieces- for many it will be the first timepiece into which they have invested more seriously.  I believe clearing up what can, and cannot be expected from your first purchase into this 'affordable luxury' segment is the most important, and so that is what we are looking at first.


We've created three photo albums from the week: SIHH 2013 - Geneva Time Exhibition 2013 - Watch Week in Geneva 2013

That's quite good, though the gaps at 3/6/12 bug me a bit. No problem reading the time at night, and no problem discerning the hour and 24-hour hands.

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Are There High-End Russian Watches?

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It reads out in percentages, from 0.01 to 2.00, and has color changes to help you determine where you are on the scale (say, if vision is a bit blurry). The display starts off green, and once you cross over 0.41%, it shows in yellow. Should that percentage top 0.61%, it changes to red, signifying drunkenness.

The Blancpain Tourbillon Carrousel presented at Baselworld 2013 showcases the difference between the well-known (among watch people) tourbillon and its lesser-known cousin, the carrousel. Each uses very similar methods for attempting to compensate for gravity in a balance wheel. Just a smidgen of background. Blancpain used to produce tourbillon complications like the best of them. Then a few years ago they seemed to decide that the tourbillon was too common (pshh, tourbillon... I know! Like everyone has one). So they adopted the carrousel as "their" preferred rotating regulation system. It was an interesting idea, but the funny part was seeing them attempt to explain in words exactly how a tourbillon and carrousel are different. So for those struggling to distinguish between the two (and there are many who will struggle), this watch will finally allow you to compare a tourbillon and carrousel side by side. Thanks Blancpain!

Baselworld 2013: NOMOS Ahoi Watch Releases

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Now, while HM1 was an incredible story, what people don’t really know is that we virtually went bankrupt at some point. What happened is this: we get the funds in and we are working with all the “Friends”, everything is going super well; by April 2006 we already had a working prototype in a gold case! Then, just after Basel, one of the main supplying partners, the one who manufactures the movement has a big financial problem and sells his company to a brand. Of course the brand didn’t buy that supplier to craft movements for MB&F, it bought it to craft movements for themselves! Bottom line, the delivery kept on getting delayed…

Watch Winner Review: Delma Santiago Blue Shark Giveaways

It's one hell of an expensive Seiko, but research a bit and you'll see why Grand Seiko is one of the most respected marques in horology. Unique in-house Spring Drive automatic movement and Grand Seiko level finishing in a 200m-rated watch tough enough for sports and daily abuse. Consider it stealth luxury. Titanium keeps the weight down to 137g for a 44x14mm case. Price: ,600.

IWC Ingenieur Vintage Ref. IW323310

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Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Extreme Watch In Cool Colors Hands-On

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For darkness viewing Gc places SuperLumiNova luminant on the hands and hour markers, which functions well enough. The subdials on the case are thickly framed in a gold tone, which is a matter of taste. Visually the concept works nicely, though in certain lighting conditions the hands blend in with the dial, even though the small markers are quite easy to see. The angled flange ring around the dial features a tachymeter scale, that adds a bit of instrumental purpose. We suspect that most people will not buy this watch for the chronograph, but rather for the style, but it is nice to know the chronograph is there as well. The dial also features a date window with a handsome frame around it.

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Jean-Claude Biver is one of the most respected and enigmatic personalities in horology. Most famously associated with Hublot, the man is responsible for reviving both Blancpain and Omega. In this interview, Biver talks more about Hublot’s new MP-05 LaFerrari watch, reveals how Hublot develops new movements and watches, and finally shares his thoughts about Swatch’s new Sistem51 watch.

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Minuteman Watches: Military Style Built In The USA

Minuteman Watches: Military Style Built In The USA

Replica Piaget Altiplano Watches

Morgenwerk Satellite Precision Watch Is More Accurate Than Your Mobile Phone Watch Releases

Handling a higher-end G-Shock compared to a 0 model is a novel experience. The materials are better, there is more metal, and of course the features in a top-end G-Shock are more impressive. The Aviation GW-A1000 has one of the best plastic straps around. The material feels almost like rubber, with a great texture and flexibility meaning that it doesn't feel stiff or cling to your skin. The back of the case is solid steel, and it has a steel buckle. There are also steel pushers and a steel crown. The case is really durable of course and water resistant to 200 meters.

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