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Welcome back to an original aBlogtoWatch feature, "My First Grail Watch." In this series, we ask prominent people in the watch industry about the first timepiece that they lusted after. Today, we're speaking with Eric Loth, the founder of Graham SA, about the grails that elude him to this day.

Yes, it may not be recommended to shower or swim with a watch rated to 30M or 3ATM, but this depends a little on the manufacturer as well. For example, the smartwatch manufacturers Meta and Pebble both rate their smartwatches at 3 or 5ATM (the dressier Meta Frame is rated at 3ATM) and it's fine to swim with them. As for the 1500M rated watch with no Helium Release Valve, it's probably a watch that was tested statically in a vacuum to that sort of pressure, but isn't one you'd practically use for diving, or diving that deep. Honestly, if I were diving (and I don't. Like you, I'm a desk diver) I would probably take a cheap, bright, reliable, legible watch as a backup to a dive computer. The most important part of the dive is coming back from it safely, not looking fashionable underwater.

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Twin barrels with self regulating power delivery manage a maximum power reserve of five days, which is key because the DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon is likely too nice for daily carry. With the rear cover opened, it is clear that the movement is both massively complicated and beautifully hand-finished. With largely open architecture and a no rotor to obscure some of the view through the rear sapphire crystal, the trick rear cover makes the DB29 something of a party piece and adds yet another quirky element to this strange and wonderful watch.

For 2013, Breitling has released a very attractive blue version of the already rather rare Navitimer 1461 model. An interesting item, we take a hands-on look at this stunning piece. Let me address something first. If other watch writers are anything like me, there is one particular request (aside from "what watch should I buy?") that annoys us. That is to write an article or sum up current "watch trends." This is what happens when watches get mixed into the abyssal pool that is fashion, which apparently needs to reinvent itself each quarter else something chaotic happens - such as a mass neglect of wearing clothing amongst otherwise civilized human beings. The majority of watches I prefer to pay attention to are designed to look cool forever. Perhaps not all are timeless, but they have appeal (and ideally longevity) beyond this season.

Seiko Astron Solar GPS Watch New Design Added For 2014 Watch Releases

I will be honest that before I ever really spend time with a Bovet Amadeo-cased watch I was skeptical of how "Western" the design would be. Bovet's history is in making very ornate pocket watches and most of its watches have a "ribbon-style" crown at the top of the case meant to allude to the look of pocket watches. This includes a crown located at 12 o'clock as well as a pivoting crown guard that turns into the single piece lug structure.

aBlogtoWatch debuted the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Tourbillon here earlier in 2014. The TAG Heuer Monaco V4T does not materially change the appeal of the original Monaco V4, but in many ways now includes the simple involvement of a tourbillon. However, from a technical perspective, the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Tourbillon is not like other tourbillons. This is because a belt actually drives the rotation of the tourbillon cage, rather than it being powered by the anchor and escapement wheel. The result is a tourbillon with an extremely smooth rotation, and one that, according to TAG Heuer, is less susceptible to shock.

We have seen a handful of brands incorporate historical material in their watches before, with Bremont's HMS Victory (using wood and metal from an 18th century ship) and Romain Jerome's Moon Dust DNA (where the dial contains "dust" from rocks originating from the Moon) springing to mind first. The primary difference between REC Watches and the others is the more-than-considerable price difference, as the REC Watches Mark I costs around 2.5% that of those just mentioned. That is a significant difference and yet the overall experience remains comparable: when wearing any one of these pieces you are not just wearing a watch, but in one way or another you are also looking at an item that inherently has a story and some interesting history to it.

REC Watches Mark I M2 Chronograph Review Wrist Time Reviews
Below the Rec logo is the Vehicle Identification Number, marking the car that was upcycled to create the dial of the watch

The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is an iconic watch. Don't believe me? Well, do a little research on Google and you should quickly find three key attributes justifying the icon status: 1) it's one of the original dive watches that one could take 100s of meters under water without fear of damage; 2) it's the first watch to include a unidirectional rotating bezel that allows quick timing of your dive; and 3) it's one of the first watches to include enough luminescent material on its dial and bezel to make it readable at diving depths or in murky waters.

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And now we're back out at that flat expanse–and what better place to mount the applied numerals and indices? These all but fill the available space (from inner to outer edge), which, when combined with how raised they are, creates a very bold visual. Additionally, as these are luminous components, it makes for an extremely visible watch, whether your surroundings are dark or bright. This is made possible by the partially-skeletonized handset, of course. While the inner stems are simple outlines, they are (again) bold arrowheads that point out the time precisely, extending to the edges of their appropriate tracks. Proportions on handsets is one of those things that us watch writers tend to harp on a bit, but here, I think they're spot-on.

ABTW: What drew you to this particular watch?

Christophe Claret Maestoso Watch Hands-On Hands-On

When Tissot announced their Heritage Navigator Automatic COSC 160th Anniversary watch, I knew this was a piece I wanted to get in to spend some time with. What the Tissot Heritage Navigator (ref. T078.641.16.037.00) watch offers is a classic-looking world time complication in a watch recreated based on a model from the 1950s. While GMT-equipped watches tend to veer towards the sport watch end of the spectrum, world timers seem to tend towards dress watches - or at least the ones I've reviewed lately have.

Fortis Marinemaster Vintage Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Hands-On

At 39mm wide, I feel that the Cellini case combines grace and modern proportions in a satisfying way that feels neither too large or too small. Unlike the wider lugs on most Oyster Professional watches such as the Submariner, the lugs on the Cellini case taper more allowing for a more diminutive fit on the wrist. It feels like just a few years ago virtually all Rolex watches came exclusively on a metal bracelet. Now, with pieces like the Rolex Cellini we are becoming aware of a greater focus on adding straps to Rolex wearing experience.

ABTW: What drew you to this particular watch?

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MCT Sequential Two S200 Watch Hands-On

MCT Sequential Two S200 Watch Hands-On

The brand offers a few dial styles and I happened to like this one due to the modern Bauhaus look as I mentioned before. Having said that, it is not overly minimalistic, but is well-proportioned. I honestly didn't think of the seconds hand as being related to a corkscrew until I was told about it. That makes sense, but I enjoyed looking at it like part of an electronic circuit schematic. While the dial is pleasantly interesting and easy to read, it does fail in not having any luminant (though the contrast is good enough to see in low light).

Oris Begins In-House Watch Movement Production With The Calibre 110

Oris Begins In-House Watch Movement Production With The Calibre 110

In many ways, I had to agree. While I am used to knowing about the often-obscene figures asked for some watches, some part of me rejects the notion of them existing and of having to cost so much. Accordingly I was reminded again of the importance of spending within one’s means, not just personally, but in terms of how one relates to one’s environment and one’s community. After all, it is self evident that there is waste in luxury, which is mainly concerned with the over-allocation of resources for the benefit of only a few people.

The sale of vintage (as well as new) Rolex watches is big business. Like many contemporary wealthy watch collectors, Mayer relied upon the advice and trust of people like Bob Maron in selecting (and often buying) timepieces for his collection. Experts help educate and inform collectors of what the rarest and more important timepieces to collect are. At the time of writing Robert Maron has not yet responded to the complaint, which was filed in his local jurisdiction.

Over the years since the 2009 release of the Seiko Ananta, Seiko hasn't given the collection a ton of attention. New Seiko Ananta watches are almost exclusively limited edition models. In 2011 there was the limited edition Ananta Urushi Diver (hands-on here), and for 2012 there were a pair of Seiko Ananta Urushi limited edition (hands-on here). These pieces were nice, but not revolutionary. The Seiko Ananta collection didn't prove to be as inviting to the mass market as Seiko perhaps hoped. The issue of course being that it still required an education to appreciate what Seiko had to offer in the high-end department. People like me and perhaps you totally enjoy it, but it's trying, explaining to your average Rolex wearer why they might want to add a Seiko to their collection - no matter how awesome it may be.

Arnold & Son TE8 Métiers d’Art I Tourbillon Watch Hands-On Hands-On

The Geophysic 1958 is a timepiece that people will either “get” or won’t. In its simplest form it appears to just be a small-cased antimagnetic self-winding men’s wristwatch with a simple dial and a well-known brand name. There is sure to be plenty of pushback on the price by those who aren’t clued in. And that’s fine, because for the rest of us we’re already adjusting our stock portfolios and preparing our checkbooks.

On to the watch! This is, by modern sensibilities, a larger watch, just on the cusp of what I consider to be comfortably wearable. The stainless steel case comes in at 45mm in diameter. While it's not as thick as some divers I've recently reviewed, it's not the thinnest of watches either. The domed mineral crystal (AR coated on the underside) also contributes to this height as well. It wasn't a problem slipping it under a cuff, but it can be a snugger fit. The watch comes in at a weight of only 126g, so this isn't one that you'll feel weighed down with.

We first encountered Dietrich back in 2011 when we gave a hands-on look at the Dietrich Snow watch. The founder and designer Emmanuel Dietrich is back for 2014 with a watch that he claims now "perfectly matches his exceptions." It is good to know that the designer himself is pleased with the end result. See the "1969" on the dial. I am not sure what that means right now but I can say that the official name of the brand is actually Dietrich 1969. I am guessing that is when he was born maybe?

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Released

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Released